Coach Butler hands the ball to player Corey Conner to put the ball in play.

The Hoop Harness™

The Hoop Harness™ is a basketball training system that promotes ambidextrous (right and left-hand) basketball handling skills. Hoop Harness™ drills are designed to strengthen your weak hand by eliminating the possibility of strong or natural hand assistance or bail out.

Fast Action Shooting
Keep players moving and catching, Shooting and moving to the next spot.  Now players can come to the gym for some  intense shooting practice, like they have never seen.  It makes shooting 200 shots a ten minute work out.


Vertimax is a revolutionary new body reactive power training system. Its unique patented design, including resistance-controlling components under the platform, provide unequaled sports performance enhancement. No system will do more to increase an athlete's vertical jump and first-step quickness. Its superior results in markedly-improving critical-competitive moves have separated it from all other systems

Dribble Specs

Even when you think you are not looking at the ball you may be. Dribble Specs restrict your downward vision - including your peripheral vision - forcing you to play by feel. Psychologically they change the way you play, helping you to concentrate more on what's around you, rather than what is underneath you.

Teaching Fundamentals

Defensive  Offensive Rebounding Dribbling
Individual Skills    
xing the paint triple threat individual rebounding body positioning
slide the lane catch and square body positioning all moves
wind denial and recovery all stationary shots contact first speed 1/2 and full
drop step and stepping up shots on the move footwork cone dribbling
body positioning moving without the ball toss-back one move and go
help and recover proper cuts (V/L) rebound-pivot double triple moves
reading and cutting off screens re-piv-outlet 2-ball dribble
2-man rebound 2-ball in and out side to side
body positioning 4-man rebound
10-man rebound
Team Interior positioning  
shell drill drop step    
3-man help and recover up and under    
weak side help jump hook    
rotations face up    
  catch and explore    
  reverse lay-ups (baseline)    
  usage of dribble     


The Dominator