The Hoop Harness™

The Hoop Harness™ is a basketball training system that promotes ambidextrous (right and left-hand) basketball handling skills. Hoop Harness™ drills are designed to strengthen your weak hand by eliminating the possibility of strong or natural hand assistance or bail out.

Mr. Dish

Dr. Dish™ the only shooting machine that’s also a passing, rebounding & on-court “drill” machine!

• It’s as effective outside as it is underneath.
• Operates as an under-the-basket shooting machine and a perimeter drill machine.
• Throws bounce, chest, lob, skip, and ally-oop passes.
• Trains both your outside and inside players.
• Dr. Dish™ shoots the ball for rebounding and tipping drills.


Vertimax is a revolutionary new body reactive power training system. Its unique patented design, including resistance-controlling components under the platform, provide unequaled sports performance enhancement. No system will do more to increase an athlete's vertical jump and first-step quickness. Its superior results in markedly-improving critical-competitive moves have separated it from all other systems.

"The Gun "

The Gun” is the best basketball shooting machine to date for dramatically improving your ball players shot. This basketball shooting machine will act as an automatic rebounder, instantly rebounding a made or missed shot and giving a direct return pass for another shot.


• An individual weight training program designed to fit the needs of the student-athlete.

• An individual basketball skill development program developed on the strengths and weaknesses of the student-athlete.

• Instruction on how to develop and improve work ethic both on and off the court.

• Instruction from an experienced staff. Aim High’s coach to player ratio is 1 to 7.

• Controlled scrimmage time with instruction and evaluation from the staff.

• A program that the student-athlete can build upon at the completion of camp.

• 6 shooting machines “The Gun” which passes stationary and on the move at a rate of 500 shots per 20 minutes.

• The “Vertimax” machine designed to improve your child’s explosion

• The “Rebounder” and other of the most contemporary basketball equipment of any camp in the New England area!



Our basketball camp is unique for many reasons, but we are known for our exceptional training devices. First, Aim high features six shooting machines called the gun. This machine is will kick out five hundred passes in less than fifteen minutes. A player can shoot stationary, on the move, or spot shoot from areas of the floor ranging from 8ft to 30 ft.  Aim high carries more shooting machines than any camp in the country. ANY CAMP IN THE COUNTRY.  This machine allows the coaches to focus on form, footwork, and game speed for shooting the ball. Our players average between 8,000 to 10,000 shots during a five-week period based on perfect attendance.
Aim high also features two vertimax jumping machines that allow our players to jump anywhere from 2 to six inches during our five week camp. We use a machine called vertec that the NFL combine uses to measure each players ability to jump. Aim high uses leather evolution basketballs for all our training needs at camp. The bottom line is we offer the very best to our players. We have over  $80,000 worth of training devices. .


The Dominator